8 signs that you have found THE ONE!

The true signs that you've found the one


There is a cliché that goes around about realizing you’re with the person you’re meant to be with, and it’s that when you know, you know. But here's the thing: cliché or not, it’s totally true. But because the relationship has moved along so smoothly and naturally, you may not have even noted each of these relationship level signposts as you blew by them.

  1. It just feels different than everything else that came before.

Sure, you’ve been in love before, and definitely in lust, but somehow this relationship just feels different. You feel closer, safer, and like it just works. There is a balance to the relationship, where each of you feels as strongly about the other, and one person isn’t doing all the work to keep the relationship on track.

  1. You feel like your best self when you're with them.

When you're with this person, you feel like you really are being your best self. You're able to be real and not feel self-conscious. You are happy and relaxed and at peace. There is no performing, or trying hard to please the other person. 

  1. You’ve seen each other at your worst, but you still like one another.

You don't have to keep up a facade for fear that they won’t like the real you, farts and all. And perhaps even more importantly, you've known each other long enough that you’ve seen them at their worst and it’s something you can embrace. 

  1. Your friends and family love them.

They’ve passed the friends and family test. The people who love you should want what’s best for you, and oftentimes they can see what your heart-shaped feelings can obscure. 

  1. They are there for you through the hard times.

One of the clearest ways to know if you're with the right person is to weather some hard times together. You don't really know if this is the person you want to spend your life with before you know how they handle the bad days (or weeks, or months). You’ll know for sure they are the right one when not only are they the first person you turn to in times of trouble, but they are the first person to be there without you even having to ask.

  1. They feel like home.

Home is a feeling, and when you realize that your SO gives you that feeling of safety, security, and love, then you may have just found the one. 

  1. You can picture a future with them.

When you imagine your future, your partner has started to make cameo appearances. Before, you only thought of how your plans and decisions would affect you, but now you're starting to take your SO into consideration, too. When you picture yourself five years down the line, you can imagine a scenario where they are by your side, and it doesn't freak you out. In fact, it sounds pretty great.

  1. You can’t picture a future without them.

The final phase of realizing that you are with the person you are meant to be with is when you come to the understanding that they are your future. You are a team, a package deal, and whatever future you make will be one that the two of you make together.

Link: https://www.elitedaily.com/p/8-brutally-honest-phases-of-realizing-youre-with-the-person-youre-meant-to-be-with-9108842


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