The California Department of Food and Agriculture awarded the grant for scientists to look into cow farts.


A team of California scientists has been given $213,000 to study . . . cow farts.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture awarded the grant to the California Dairy Research Foundation to examine methane emissions — a major environmental threat — at the state’s dairies.

The study will be carried out in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, Davis.

Scientists will focus on the difference in passed bovine gas from large and small dairies. They’ll also explore cost-saving techniques, emerging technologies and the economic impact of methane regulations.

Descendants of Mrs. O’Leary’s cow had no comment.


An Australian waterfront restaurant gives it customers water guns to splash seagulls.

A waterfront restaurant in Australia with a huge seagull problem is taking matters into their own hands. Toby Evans, owner of 3 Sheets pizzeria, had a flock of seagulls (the animals, not the 80s band) disrupting his business by stealing food, mostly off children’s plates.

Evans says he’s tried everything to get rid of them from electronic booms and fake owls, but no such luck. Evans is sick of it, so he’s armed customers with fully loaded water guns. "We wanted to so something humanely and there's not much you can do," he explains. "So we went down to Toys R Us and bought a load of super soakers, we've got one on each of our outdoor tables. We just fill them up with water and when the seagulls get too close, the customers unleash Armageddon with water on them.” 

Evans notes how much his customers love the idea, especially the kids. He also believes it’s a good training method to teach the seagulls they’re not welcome there. So far there have been no complaints about the water guns, which is a pretty harmless way to combat the seagulls.

Source: ABC News Australia

A condominium owner is offering the buyer of his apartment a trip to space.

If you’re looking to travel to outer space you’re in luck because an offer is on the table. However there is an awfully large price to pay, but some extras are included.

Condominium owner, Daniel Neiditch is selling his $85-million pad on the 45th floor of the New York City Atelier building- home to some of the most famous celebs. With an astronomical price tag like that the apartment better come with something, which is why the owner is offering two seats for a trip to outer space with the purchase.

The 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom apartment comes with some other perks too. The owner is also giving the buyer two Rolls Royce Phantoms, a Lamborghini, courtside seats to a Brooklyn Nets game for a year, a summer mansion in the Hamptons, a $1-million yacht with docking fees for five years, a live-in butler and private chef. If that wasn’t enough, the complex also comes with a fitness center, swimming pool and basketball courts.

Check out the listing here.


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