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More companies are formally introducing social media evaluations as a job disqualifier

While we’ve had an idea for awhile that some companies may be casually checking social media history before deciding whether to hire someone, a new report reveals that more and more companies are formally adding social media evaluations to their list of things that could disqualify a job candidate, alongside things like background checks and drug testing.

According to the 2018 MRINetwork Reputation Management Study, 18% of employers are now formally reviewing candidates social media profiles, while another 17% are considering following suit. As for what they are looking for, 39% say they are searching for questionable content or behavior, while 27% want to see active engagement in trade or professional associations, and 19% are looking for offensive social or political views.

Luckily, more and more job seekers are aware of how their social media presence affects their job search, with 48% of people saying they believe their social media presence is either important or very important to employers, and 70% aware that questionable content or behavior is a big red flag to possible employers. To avoid losing out on a gig because of their social media account, many make their profiles private, and then set up separate professional accounts just for recruiters and hiring managers. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

The swimmer was also the first to swim across the Atlantic.....Now wants to swim the Pacific!

One man is hoping to conquer a gnarly feat by becoming the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean. You might have heard of Ben Lecomte, who became the first man to swim across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998. Well now he’s looking to do the same thing across five-thousand-five-hundred miles of the Pacific.

His trip will begin in Tokyo and wrap up six-months later in San Francisco. Now of course he won’t be swimming for six-months straight. A sailboat will follow him on his journey along with a support crew. Lecomte will swim about eight hours a day and rest and eat on a boat named “Discoverer.”

The swim will also serve as a research project for NASA and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, which will conduct medical and oceanic studies throughout the trip. The swimmer is also hoping to use this experience to highlight ocean pollution and global warming. 

Lecomte’s journey will be documented by Seeker and Discovery, which will air live streams and a mini-docu series. Next year, they’ll release a full-length documentary on Lecomte’s swim. No word on when he’ll begin his swim, but it will start soon. We’ll keep you posted. Good luck, Ben.

Source: BGR

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