The WHISPER APP strikes again: Things the Groom was told around The Wedding Time! 

Couples spend a lot of money to make sure their wedding day is one of the happiest days of their lives, but all the planning in the world won’t stop a horrible person from ruining it with one nasty comment. 

Well, grooms have taken to Whisper to share the rudest comments they received on their wedding day and it’s bound to leave you shocked and, in some cases, a little disgusted.

 Rude comments men heard on their wedding day include:

  • “I was asked if my about-to-be wife had “a touch of downs” from my aunt. On my wedding day.”
  • “’At least she looks white.’ My racist grandma said that to me on my wedding day about my new wife.”
  • “My mother-in-law reminded me of my wife’s student debt at our wedding. So much for a congratulations.”
  • “My MIL told me I could have done better with the ring I got her daughter. This was halfway through our wedding. I didn’t speak to her for months after that.”
  • “My mother-in-law said ‘how long do you think they’ll last? I give it three years.'”
  • “My sister-in-law said that our wedding wasn’t real because I didn’t spend thousands of dollars. However, I’m still married and she is divorced. Budgeting for the win.”
  • “The moment I got married every woman I know said I was even more attractive. They even told me this at my wedding in front of my wife.”
  • “My father-in-law introduced me to family as ‘my daughter’s first husband… with many more surely to follow’ at our wedding!”
  • “My mother-in-law said ‘You weren’t her first choice, but you’ll do I guess.’”

Source: Whisper

How average are you? Things about the average 35 year old!

When we’re in our twenties, and likely still living a carefree life, a lot of us will start thinking about how are lives will be different in our thirties, but of course depending on who you are, your life goals may be different.

On average though, by 35 a lot of people’s lives will look somewhat the same. So, what do most people accomplish by the time the reach 35? Well, Business Insider looked at data and found that there are seven things people typically accomplish by 35, and if you haven’t yet, just realize you are totally not average.

The seven things most people accomplish by 35 include:

  • The average 35-year-old in the U.S. is married — the most common age for women to marry is 27, while it's 29 for men.
  • They will also likely have a child, with the average American woman having her first child by age 28.
  • They’re a homeowner, with the median age for first-time homeowners being 32.
  • A typical 35-year-old has an average salary of $49,400, earning about $950 a week.
  • Most 35-year-olds have an average net worth, not including home equity, of $14,226
  • A typical 35-year-old is in debt to the tune of $133,100.
  • The average American has already had 11 jobs by the time they hit 35.

 Source: Business Insider

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