The WHISPER APP reveals: Revenge on the Ex!!

Whisper thread has people admitting how they got back at a cheater


There are few things more heartbreaking than finding out that a spouse or significant other cheated, and while some folks will react by crying and wolfing down a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, others are more devious, and find ways to exact revenge.

Well, a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing the crazy ways they got revenge on a cheating ex, and it may put some ideas in your head for the next time you encounter a cheat.

Wild ways people got back at a cheating ex include:

  • “He cheated on me so I put tuna fish in his bedposts and he never knew where the bad smell came from. He even moved to another place it got so bad.”
  • “I put heavy duty hair removal cream in my ex-boyfriend’s shampoo bottle after he cheated. Let’s just say he looks awful bald now.”
  • “I shared photos of my ex’s tiny penis after he cheated on me with his ex. Someone shoved enlargers in his mailbox! He’s still mad about it. I moved on though and I am happier.”
  • “I gave my ex a fake positive STD test after she told me she cheated on me. The look on her face was priceless. I just couldn’t resist.”
  • “I added Justin Bieber and ‘Glee” to all of his Pandora stations after we broke up. (he cheated).”
  • “I divorced my ex-husband after he cheated on me. I’d say taking half his paycheck and pension now is the best revenge ever.”
  • “Revenge for cheating? Well, I boned his uncle and made sure he heard and caught me in the other room. Stooping so low usually isn’t my thing, but his uncle was FINE.”

Source: Whisper

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