Best states for a "Road Trip"!

Driving through Massachusetts and South Dakota is surprisingly fun! 


There are a few key points you’re going to want to consider when you’re planning your summer road trip. If you’re in the mood to take a longer drive, you want to make sure the journey and the destination are equally fun, you’ll be able to afford it, and you’ll have a safe trip. Here are the best states to drive through according to WalletHub:


  1. Wyoming
  2. North Carolina
  3. Minnesota
  4. Texas
  5. Florida
  6. Louisiana
  7. Washington
  8. New York
  9. Utah
  10. Colorado
  11. Oregon
  12. California
  13. Illinois
  14. Virginia
  15. South Dakota


There’s nothing like a long stretch of road and some of your favorite tunes through a cool part of the country to really get you amped for summer. Just make sure there’s plenty of cool pit stops along the way and, you know… your car’s not going to get stolen or something. And if you want to see the full list of most ‘visitable’ states, click HERE.



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