13 things to let go of BEFORE marriage!

Let go of thee thirteen things before getting married.

(Elite Daily.com.)

Laura Argintar of Elite Daily.com gives us the characteristics you need to outgrow before you say “I do.

Lying People lie because they’re too stupid to recognize that telling the truth is actually the better move. Either learn to tell the truth or learn how to be single for the rest of your life.

Belligerent blacking out You’ve seen enough “Real World” to know what happens when you behave like an aggressively drunk cast member — no one likes you. How can you have a wedding if you can’t make it past the cocktail hour?

Laziness Stepping up to do something, whether it’s planning a special date or running out to buy her cold medicine, is a huge part of being in a relationship.

Facebook posting Don’t be that couple who only feels the relationship is legitimate if it’s documented on Facebook.

Depending on mommy Who are you planning on marrying — your mom or your fiancé? If you’re too immature to let go of mommy, you’re probably too immature to get married.

Your inability to share

Self-importance Once you stop believing that you are God’s Gift to Man, you’ll have a much easier time compromising on things.

Frat mentality Not being able to cook, dressing like a confused “Save by the Bell” character and bro-ing out with your _____ out, isn’t advancing you towards the marriage material category. We promise you’ll get to revisit your fratiness when you’re married — it will be known as “Poker Night.”

Playing games If you have a wandering eye and accept cheating as “something that eventually happens to everyone” then you’re definitely not ready to tie the knot. And, if you like being the heartbreaker in the relationship, just stay away. Stay far, far away.

Your ex How can you devote yourself entirely to your spouse when you still have your ex on your mind?

Complaining Constantly complaining about things only leads to inaction.

Indecision If you can’t make a decision on something, how did you ever decide to marry your partner? Maybe try and get over this one first…

Snooping Jealousy doesn’t move you forward, it brings your relationship to a dark and tension-filled place.



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