12 pro "kissers" give their tips!!

A list of tips for kissing.


Don't "Smash" Mouths

"To be honest, my biggest one is, like, don't try to 'smash mouth.' Slow and gentle is so much sexier than movie-style slamming."

— Cathy


Start Slow

"Start slow and gentle and build up the momentum along the way. Then that intensity builds and you can get into a deeper, sexier kiss."

— Vanessa


Use Your Tongue Well

"Very lightly, barely touching, move your tongue across the ridges of the roof of your partner's mouth."

— Laney


Suck on the Lower Lip

"Gently suck on your lover's lower lip, as it's super hot and seems animalistic."

— Hope


Hold the Nape of the Neck

"Lightly (and I mean VERY lightly, or it could be painful and awkward, lol) hold the nape of the neck for a romantic touch."

— Darcy


Nibble on the Lips

"Nibble on their lips, but softly. You don't want to bite them, which is really not sexy and a big turn off. A slight nibble shows you need them."

— Aleesia


Move Your Tongue in and Out

"Slowly move your tongue in and out — tease them. The teasing is a fun game and makes the buildup even hotter. Good for deep kissing."

— Jenn


Pause and Bite Your Lip

"In the middle of the kiss, break away for a bit and give your partner a good, sexy stare in the eyes and lightly bite your lip. It'll look really hot in the moment and then you get back to kissing."

— Lynn


Kiss Elsewhere, Too

"When you're kissing on the lips, take a few moments to start kissing the neck and ears (or sucking on the earlobes and licking along the ear) before returning to the lips."

— Hilary


Play With the Hair

"As you're kissing and you're right in the heat of it, gently, but with a little of a firm tug, pull your partner's hair that's by the back of the neck since those hairs are really sensitive. Pulling the scalp is hot."

— Dana


Kiss and Rub Fingers up the Back

"As you're kissing your partner, trace your fingers up and down the back. It feels really good and brings that chilling type of sensation to go with the steamy kiss."

— Anna


Follow What Your Partner Is Doing

"Seems obvious, but you should mimic your partner in the kiss if you want to try to have a good kiss. If they're going real slow and aren't using tongue, don't jam your tongue inside their mouth."

  • Andrew


Link: https://www.popsugar.com/love/Good-Kissing-Tips

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