Lay with dogs you get fleas, run with The Bulls and you get HURT!

At least nine people have been hurt in the annual Running of the Bulls in Spain. Red Cross officials reported that five people were hospitalized after the first running which started Saturday and four people were hospitalized after the second running, yesterday.

The 400-year-old event happens annually over a span of eight days in the northern city of Pamplona. Injuries are common during the runs which last between three to ten minutes each morning. So far, 15 people have died from being gored between 1910 and 2014.


Here comes a second try at making transparent trousers a fad. If you remember, last year retailer Topshop gave it a go and the response was brutal. Now Pretty Little Thing is giving it a go. For $40 you can show everyone your underwear.

The “pants” are plastic, which would be like wearing sauna pants in summer, and have a front zipper. The good thing is, unlike the previous version, they are loose fitting and even a little bell bottomed. The description says "Your look will be anything but transparent in these trousers girl.”

The reaction online has been just as negative as with last year’s pants. 

PROOF that wearing a tie can be bad for men!!

While lots of offices require men to wear a jacket and tie, workplaces may want to rethink that policy if they want to get the best out of their male employees. A new study suggests that neckties aren’t good for men’s brains, which could make some men very happy if it means never wearing a tie again.

Believe it or not, a study out of Germany claims that neckties could be detrimental to work performance because they compress the veins that are important for blood flow to the brain. Researchers discovered this by looking at 30 men,15 in a tie, and 15 not in a tie, and noting that during an MRI scan there was a significant drop in brain function for those in ties, because of a blood flow decrease of about 7.5%.

While workers likely don’t notice any obvious symptoms when they wear their ties, the researchers believe it could be enough to affect cognitive function.

Source: Daily Mail

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