The WHISPER APP reveals crazy first date stories! ( A must read )

Most people will tell you that first dates can be awkward, but every once in awhile they can be perfect, downright fun, or even crazy. Well, now a new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has folks revealing some of the crazy things they did on a first date, and some of them may downright shock you. 

Crazy first dates include:

  • “Craziest thing I’ve ever done on a first date? Leave, go to a bar and get wasted and then wake up next to my ex. Oops…”
  • “First date we got tattoos, it was dope how it went down though.”
  • “I went skinny dipping on a first date with a dude I met off Tinder.”
  • “I once “'went to the bathroom' and left on a first date. He began telling me how things were going to be when we were married…I had to bounce.”
  • “I once did the Naked Bicycle Race in Portland on a first date. It was very Portland of us.”
  • “I once allowed a piece of crap dude to take me to Wendy’s for our first date because he got an employee discount. Man, I used to have low self worth.”
  • “A girl once took me tubing down a river for our first date. We ended up banging on the tube while floating down the river. It was so hot.”
  • “I once babysat a dude while he vomited in my guest bathroom all night. It was our first date.”
  • “I was once so nervous on a first date that I vomited on my own dress. I tried to pull it off by laughing all cute but nope, didn’t work.”
  • “I once left a girl to pay the bill while I snuck off to the bathroom, but actually left. It was our first date too. But to be fair, she seemed a little crazy.” 

Source: Whisper

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