Ways you MIGHT be betraying your partner!

If you're making fun of them in front of people or lying about your finances, you could be betraying your partner. 

When you think betrayal, there’s usually one word that comes to mind – cheating. But having an affair isn’t the only way you can be unfaithful to your partner. There are ways you can betray your partner without another sexual partner involved. Here are just a few of the most common ways:


  • Complaining about the relationship to someone you’re attracted to.
  • Prioritizing work, hobbies, or another passion over your relationship.
  • Giving away private info about your partner to anyone else.
  • Lying about your financial situation.
  • Keeping secrets from your partner.
  • Having an emotional involvement with someone else.
  • Disrespecting your partner in front of other people.


And maybe you’re not being openly unfaithful, but jeez – it should tell you something about your relationship if any of these things are going down. If you don’t feel emotionally safe around your partner or have a hunch that you’re not being completely honest, it’s time for some reevaluation, honey!!


SourceHuffington Post

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