You might be dating a narcissist if they do :

If they don't tell you stories that add up or introduce you to their friends - they may be full of themselves. 

Okay – so you’ve started dating a guy and he seems really great. Like really great. You’re completely taken by him. But what’s the diff between confidence and ‘something else?’ Are you dating a narcissist? That can be totally bad for your relationship juju in the long run, and here’s how you can tell:


  • You’ve never met his friends from high school or college – They don’t usually have any long-term friends.
  • The stories he tells don’t check out – S/He might tell embellished stories that don’t really add up.
  • You’re exhausted after hanging out – They usually suck up all of your attention and energy.
  • He doesn’t get excited about things for you – Narcissists can only really think about themselves.
  • It’s always someone else’s fault – They never really take the blame for things…even when it was their fault.
  • You give more than you get – If they’re straight up not meeting you halfway, they may be only thinking about themselves.


Dating a narcissist is really draining. Think about how much energy you’re going to use just to make sure they’re constantly feeling cared for? You need to get out of any situation where you’re giving way more than you get back.


Source: Pure Wow

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