Exhaustion can make the parents go a bit cra-cra!

Ask anyone who is or was a parent and they’ll tell you it can be absolutely exhausting. In fact, sometimes you’re so exhausted you don’t even know what you’re doing. Well, a new survey reveals the state of exhaustion of most parents, and what that has lead to in their life, and we’re pretty sure people with kids won’t be surprised at all. 

A new survey finds that parents spend about 33 hours a week on parenting-related tasks, like getting the kids to school, making meals and more. And with many moms and dads working as well, the average parent winds up getting only about 55 minutes of time to themselves every week, and when they do get free time, they only spend about 31% of it relaxed, which is about 17 minutes a week. What’s more, about 10% of parents say they’ve gone a month without getting any free time for themselves.

And all this lack of free time can make some exhausted parents do some crazy things. Among the strangest things parents say they have done while exhausted:

  • Tried to wash clothes in the toilet
  • Poured baby formula into their coffee
  • Texted their boss thinking it was their partner's number
  • Took a shower fully clothed
  • Tried to make a phone call on the TV remote
  • Left the house completely naked
  • Opened the refrigerator looking for a pair of shoes
  • Waited for a stop sign to turn green
  • Drove to work without dropping my kids off at school first
  • Started cooking dinner at breakfast time

Parents are so desperate for time to themselves that 65% admit to hiding from their kids to catch a break. Among the weirdest places they’ve hidden:

  • Reclined in the truck’s driver’s seat
  • On the roof
  • Under the sink
  • Behind some bushes at a mini golf place while she played with her dad
  • Horse barn
  • Under the bed
  • In the laundry basket
  • Behind the washer and dryer
  • Under the staircase
  • Chicken coop 

Source: SWNS Digital

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