Where you have a tattoo says something about you...really?

The placement of your tattoo can say a lot about you.


Tattoos on the left side:There is an old tattoo proverb that says tattoos placed on the left side of the body represent something very meaningful, because the heart is on the left side.

Tough forearm tattoos:For instance, an anchor, guns, a skull, etc. This placement displays toughness or strength, and these types of symbols represent a fierce or intense person.

Sweet forearm tattoos:This placement still represents toughness, but if you go with, let’s say, a dandelion, it tends to mean that you're tough on the outside, but super sweet on the inside. Also, you're a sensitive soul.

Tribal tattoos:These are usually found on people fond of their bodies, like bodybuilders. People with tribal tattoos tend to not know whether or not their design is a meaningful symbol, as the tattoo is typically loved for its flow on the curves of the body. If they do actually know what it means, then it is usually from something meaningful to that person or a part of their culture.

Chinese symbol tattoos:Unless Chinese is your first language, this tattoo usually means you are an amateur when it comes to getting inked. This will probably be your one and only tattoo. Maybe you had a wild streak for a little bit, but you got over that stage of your life relatively quickly.

Front of the neck tattoos:These usually mean you DGAF, as they are hardly ever covered up - unless you’re constantly wearing a turtleneck shirt, that is. Plus, this is the first thing people will notice about you.

Behind the ear tattoos:This usually still means that you DGAF, but not at the same level as a front of the neck tattoo. Behind the ear tattoos are usually small, and can be hidden by hair. So you could be the freest spirit around, but you still kind of care what society thinks of you.

Religious tattoos:These tattoos can either beautifully represent a faithfulness to one’s religion, or show an overcompensation for something. Don’t get a religious tattoo if you don’t actually believe.

Lower back tattoos:This has long been associated as the “tramp stamp.” Sure, a tattoo here can say that you’re sensually aware of yourself. Yet, it can also display confidence and acceptance of self.

Literature, art, film quotes:This is a greatly cultured person who is filled with passion. OR, it is a pompous person who thinks too highly of themselves.

Large chest tattoo:This placement is closest to the heart, so it can represent something that is very dear to your heart. However, the larger ones can mean something that severely effected your life, like a passed love one, or even a really bad heartbreak.

Small chest tattoo:Getting a small quote or a little symbol on your chest still represents something that is very dear to your heart. However, it could be something that you have already been able to get over and let go of.

Thigh tattoos:This is great real-estate for tattoos. It’s a large area that is not as sensitive as the face or other body parts. A tattoo here is something of sentiental value, which can be easily concealed and kept hidden for selected eyes. This could mean the person is open, with lots of love to give, but is still reserved and only gives it to the deserving.

Tear drop tattoo under the eye:Gang tattoos are, unfortunately, still very prominent. The tear drop tattoo by an eye is usually symbol for murder, serving time, or losing a loved one

Large face tattoos:Usually, someone who gets a large face tattoo is messed up or has had something unimaginably bad happen to them. These tattoos completely change who you look at in the mirror everyday.


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