What's in a name? Maybe some cash and chicken!

Pregnant? Wanna make $11-grand? KFC is looking pay that to someone who has a baby on September 9th. Of course, there are conditions. For one, the baby must be named Harland. For another, the money is supposed to go into a college fund for the baby.

So why are they doing this? The baby naming promo is in honor of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders’ 128th birthday. He was born on September 9th and the company wants to help move the name Harland up on the list of the most popular baby names, while honoring their founder. As for the $11-grand they’ll be donating to new baby Harland, that amount was derived from KFC’s 11 herbs and spices, naturally.

  • Willing to take a chance on your newborn’s name? The baby’s first name must be Harland and it must be born on September 9th in the U.S. Beginning that day, parents can submit proof of baby’s birth via birth certificate or other official record and their contact info to The site will be live for 30 days, “giving parents time to adjust to the newest addition to their family.”

Check out the full list of rules for all the details.

Source: Restaurant Business Online

A two-year-old from Indonesia is turning to his toys after picking up a 40-per-day smoking habit.

Tons of adults know the struggle of quitting smoking… but not many toddlers. Two-year-old Rapi Ananda Pamungkas from Indonesia is trying to quit after picking up a nasty two-pack-a-day habit.

His mother, Maryati, admits she had a hand in his smoking habit, which started when he began picking up cigarette butts off the street. “It was getting to a point where he was crying, begging for cigarettes, otherwise he would rampage,” she explains, adding that she eventually started buying him two packs a day so he would stop throwing tantrums. Once she saw him start to suffer some troubling symptoms, however, she says it was clearly time for him to quit. Ya think?

So, now he’s cutting down, but he still sneaks a puff when he can. He is a kid, after all, breaking the new rules when his mom isn’t looking. And his quitting method? Playing with toys. “Rapi has stopped smoking now and plays more with his toys,” his mother claims. “I am very happy.”

Source: Daily Mail

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