Bedroom blunders! How many have you done?

When you’re in bed with the person of your dreams, or even someone you just picked up at the bar, and the chemistry is intense, there are a few things that could really kill the moment. Some things you can’t always control - hello, roommate walking in - but it also helps to avoid saying and doing these things in bed.

  • Scream someone else's name - Doesn’t matter if it’s a one-night stand, this is always a fail.
  • Vomit - If you’ve had one too many and feel like you need to put a bucket next to your bed, just in case, then maybe you really shouldn’t be doing it.
  • Watch TV - Your partner may say they don’t care if you catch up on the latest episode of “Vampire Diaries” while you get frisky, but it’s hard to get into the moment while you’re watching TV.
  • Mention your mother, father, or any other relative, for that matter - It’s kinda the opposite of a turn on when you’re reminded of family during sexy time.
  • Baby talk - Some people are into it, but for most of us, pretending to be a baby in the bedroom is a no-no.
  • Cry - Maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s all the alcohol, or both, but tears aren’t known for being sexy.
  • Complain about a body part - He’s not thinking about your jiggly thighs and you shouldn’t be either during the heat of the moment, so why bring it up?
  • Check your messages, email, Twitter, etc. - Looking at your phone while you’re in bed getting it on is not only rude, it could really hurt your partner’s feelings. How would you feel if someone did it to you?
  • Saying "I love you" for the first time - If you’ve never dropped the L-bomb before, don’t do it during sex.
  • Compare them to your ex - Don’t even think about it and definitely don’t mention it.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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