Is "Jurassic World" coming soon?

Is this a good idea?

Scientists say that if they can successfully clone a 40-thousand year old horse, they might be able to bring back another long-extinct species. The foal was found in the frozen subsoil of a Siberian crater known as the Mouth of Hell and they're now taking cells from it in an effort to clone the species back to life.

"If we get live cells from this ancient baby horse, it is a wonderful promise to people in terms of cloning," says researcher Hwang Woo-Suk. “If we manage to clone the horse – it will be the first step to cloning the mammoth.”

  • It’s worth mentioning that Hwang has gotten in hot water for faking data before, but some feel he’s using this opportunity as a chance to restore his name in the scientific community.

Source: US News & World Report

Sir, put the monkey down....step away from the Monkey!

Love makes us do stupid and sometimes crazy things...enter John Owen Casford, who is facing charges and is recovering from multiple injuries after breaking into the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand trying to steal one of their squirrel monkeys. For his girlfriend.

Casford was left bruised up with a broken leg, two broken teeth, a sprained ankle after reportedly entering the squirrel monkey enclosure “high as a kite” trying to steal the critter. An injured female monkey was later found hiding frightened in a cage after zoo staff couldn’t find her and presumed she was stolen. The rest of the monkeys weren’t very happy, either – some of them were injured while others just distressed.

It’s still unclear how he was injured during the monkey-theft debacle. Either way, the man has been sentenced to two years and seven months in prison after admitting to the attempted robbery and pleading guilty to multiple charges. But not all the charges were from that night, his sentencing was combined with other violent offenses he committed over the summer.

Source: The Sun

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