The world's first "space tourist" has been named...and he wants to take some people with him

To the moon!!

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says Yusaku Maezawa [[yoo-SAK-oo may-ZOW-ah]] will travel around the moon on the Big Falcon Rocket in 2023. Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire, said he wants to go to the moon because he wants to contribute to world peace.

As part of his #dearMoon project, Maezawa is also inviting six to eight artists to go with him on his four- to five-day journey to the moon. He says he hasn't chosen the artists yet, but he plans to recruit top talent to represent Earth.

Musk said one of the main missions of SpaceX is to help make human society a multi-planetary society. He said it's important to expand onto different planets in the event that a catastrophic situation occurs on Earth. SpaceX says sending the world's first private passenger to fly around the moon on the BFR is an important step to enabling access for everyday people who dream of space travel.

  • To put this in perspective, the last time a human was sent into lunar orbit was back in 1972 during NASA's Apollo missions. But it’s not like Musk is trying to steal any glory. In a tweet, he says SpaceX wouldn't be where it is today without NASA.
  • Who is Maezawa? The 42-year-old founded Japan's largest online fashion mall, Zozo, and has a net worth of about three-billion dollars. Musk said SpaceX didn't choose Maezawa, but rather, Maezawa “chose SpaceX.”

A new "Uncle Service" from South Korea allows parents to hire a fake "uncle" for their kid to ward off bullies and even collect video evidence against them

South Koreans are taking a stand against school bullies. Well, sort of. According to reports, a new “Uncle Service” allows parents to hire a fake “uncle” for their child to protect them from bullies. The “Uncle Service” offers three packages:

  • The “Evidence Package” is where the “uncle” gathers video evidence of the bullying, reports it to the school and threatens to file an official complaint to the school board if they don’t “properly investigate.”
  • The “Uncle Package” offers an intimidating 30- to 40-year-old man to accompany the child to and from school so they can ward off any potential bullies.
  • The “Chaperone Package” has the fake uncle visits the workplace of the bully’s parents – yes, really – and among other things, he'll scream “A parent of a bully works here” in protest in front of the office building.

The first two services go for around $400-500 per day, while the last goes for a little under $2,000 a day. Not everyone is behind the effort – as Professor Kim Yoon Tae of Korea University sees it, the system that should be improved and “private sanction is just another form of violence."

Source: All K-Pop Buzz

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