In an effort to find the answer to a math question, a ten-year-old called 911.


A Colorado police department shared audio from a 911 call placed by a 10-year-old boy who needed help -- with his math homework.

The Fort Collins Police Department posted a video to Facebook featuring the audio from a 911 call from a boy who was stuck on a long division problem.

"Hi, this isn't an emergency, but I'm 10 years old and I'm working on my math homework right now and I can't figure out what 71 divided by 3,052 is," the caller says to dispatcher Chris Clow.

Clow was able to help the boy find the answer: 42.9.

"Disclaimer: Not all dispatchers are as skilled in math and/or readily equipped with calculators as Dispatcher Chris," the department wrote, reminding residents to only use 911 for real emergencies and to call the police's non-emergency number for other questions.

"Though it should be noted that FCPD is not responsible for incorrect homework answers. If you or your child believe you need police assistance with an assignment, please contact your School Resource Officer during school hours. They love talking to their students about pretty much anything," the post said.


A day at the park leads to a valuable discovery.

When people visit the Crater of Diamonds Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, most of them come with an objective in mind: to dig up one of the diamonds hiding under the park’s soil. If they find one at the onetime site of a volcanic crater, it’s theirs to keep.

And when one lucky lady from Colorado went to the park earlier this month, she made the biggest discovery ever found on park grounds. The 71-year-old grandmother, who prefers to remain anonymous, found a 2.63-carat ice white diamond. And she did it in about 10 minutes. After quickly scraping dirt away, she spotted the big gem - it’s about the size of a pinto bean - and then realized it wasn’t glass, it was a real diamond.

Since the park opened in 1972, around 33,000 diamonds have been found by visitors, but this was the most impressive rock so far.

Source: Mental Floss

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