Hack got Zuckerberg!!

 A Facebook security breach confirmed on Friday may have left nearly 50-million users vulnerable. Included in that number? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the company's European Vice President, Nicola Mendelsohn.

As for how they did it, the hackers were apparently able to exploit a vulnerability in Facebook's system allowing them to access log in information and control accounts. More specifically they compromised digital keys that people use to stay logged in on their devices, instead of having to regularly sign back in.

Facebook has since reset the log-ins for a total of 90-million accounts for extra caution. Zuckerberg has responded to the hack by saying, in part, "This is a really serious security issue, and we're taking it seriously."

Source: Forbes

Hostile proposal!!

A Texas man and his new fiancée are safe and sound after his proposal plans went seriously south. Joshua Mason wanted to find a secluded – and amazing – place to propose to his girlfriend, Katie Davis. He did – Mount Jasper near Denver, Colorado.

The pair hiked to the top of the 13-thousand-foot peak is known for its breathtaking views and wildflowers. And yes, Davis said yes, but that wasn't the most dramatic part of the day. The couple ended up getting lost and suffered from dehydration. Then dark came – and they were neither prepared with clothing, nor food and water. And the altitude sickness.

Fortunately, the pair’s cries for help were heard by someone camping on the mountain, who was able to get them assistance. They were moved to a lower altitude, were treated and released. When asked if the engagement was still on…let’s just say she’s still wearing the ring (so YES!).

Source: KDVR

Jake and Woody

Jake and Woody

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