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A married woman in Colombia and her lover were caught off guard when they called an Uber to head to a motel and the driver turned out to be the woman’s husband.

Identified only as Yeimy, the woman and her lover, Jesús Barrios, had kept their affair secret for more than a year, the Colombian newspaper El Espectador reported Thursday. But this week they were caught when they called an Uber and Yeimy’s husband was unexpectedly in the driver’s seat.

On Tuesday, Yeimy and Jesús met up in the city of Santa Marta and decided to head to a motel for more privacy. Unfortunately for the couple, Yeimy was unaware that her husband had borrowed a friend’s vehicle and was driving using that friend’s Uber account to moonlight as a driver. They were notified by the Uber app that their driver was Leonardo, and so saw no need for concern.

According to local media reports, it wasn’t until they were inside the vehicle that Yeimy and her husband recognized each other.

What happened next has been reported differently by various outlets. Some have said the three exited the vehicle and the men began to fight on the street, as Yeimy tried to intervene. Others reported that the wife and her lover simply fled the vehicle to escape her husband’s anger.

Yeimy had been thwarted, in part, because Leonardo had failed to follow Uber’s official policy for drivers. The company’s regulations clearly state that drivers are not allowed to let others drive for them. In fact, doing so is grounds for losing access to the app.

Investigators found $650,000 worth of jewelry and precious metal among piles of worthless shiny baubles.

A real cat burglar!


The Columbus Ohio Police Department opened an investigation on Ruth Gregson and her 65 cats in October after several neighbors reported small objects being stolen from their homes.

Several victims reported being visited by Ms. Gregson’s cats before noticing the disappearance of several shiny objects, like valuable cutlery and pieces of jewelry.

Despite their skepticism, investigators began a surveillance operation and were amazed by what they discovered.

According to Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs, dozens of cats were constantly coming and going, bringing home “anything that shined”.

“She was like Fagin in Oliver Twist, but she was using cats as thieves instead of children. In less than three hours of surveillance, the detectives saw the cats bring home more than a hundred objects.”

Upon searching Ms. Gregson’s house, investigators found $650,000 worth of jewelry and precious metal among piles of worthless shiny baubles.

A total of 65 adult cats and 17 kittens were found on the site and entrusted to the Columbus Humane Society.

Chief Jacobs says the elderly woman confessed to training her cats to steal, saying the felines had to “earn their meals”.



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