Signs that the S.O. loves you....but....

The signs your significant other loves you but doesn't find you attractive.

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Love can be very complicated. One moment, you and your lover are madly attracted to each other only for the fire to burn out in the next. Therefore, learning to pick up the obvious signs that attraction is dwindling is important.

When Sex Will Feel Like A Responsibility

When attraction was still at its peak, you and your lover would have the steamiest, most incredible sex. But when the attraction starts to diminish, so will the excitement in the sex. And this is something you'll notice without squinting too hard.

When Your Relation Feels Awkward

At first, you might not clearly understand what's going on. Then your gut feeling will hint that something is wrong. Remember to always trust your gut and confront your lover about the issue. Be firm and honest and request your partner to extend the same courtesy.

Your Partner Stops Being Jealous

When your lover doesn't want to lose you, then he or she will always seem jealous even on the most trivial of incidences. But when bae isn't attracted to you anymore, the thought of losing you wouldn't scare him or her. And that should worry you.

Your Lover Will Hug You Less

The low of love stipulates that the number of hugs is highly proportional to the level of attraction. This means the lesser the attraction between the two of you, the fewer the hugs you'll end up receiving. And if you are lucky enough to get a hug, it will be quick.

Fewer Arguments Between You And Your Partner

The surest way of telling that the attraction is dead and gone is when your lover isn't keen on arguing with you. As a matter of fact, the only thing holding your relationship together is nothing other than the love and respect your partner has for you.

Zero Chemistry

Once the attraction is gone, the next one out the window will be the chemistry between the two of you. This is simply because your lover will start feeling obligated rather enjoying his or her responsibilities. And that just sucks out the joy out of the relationship.

Your Lover Is No Longer Playful

The reason why lovers are always as playful as a clowder of kittens even at old age is simply that of the existence of strong attraction. But once the attraction is gone, so will the playful tendencies. And even when initiated, something will always feel off.

Lack Of Support

Remember when you and your partner got together? How did he or she use to throw their weight behind your seemingly silly or overambitious ideas? Well, this won't be the case this time around. Once the attraction is gone, all you'll ever get is eye-rolling disapproval.

Your Partner Will Find You Boring And Predictable

Unpredictability is what made your partner attracted to you in the first place. Mystique is always sexy. But once the attraction is gone, your partner will also stop looking forward to doing things with or for you. This is because they think they already you figured out.

Your Jokes Aren't Funny Anymore

When the attraction between you and your lover is still strong, your lover will always find everything you say funny, including your dry jokes. But once the attraction is gone, your partner will not only find your jokes creepy but will openly sneer at them.

Less Calling And Texting

In as much as your lover might still be in love with you, you notice that they are calling and texting lesser than they used to. This is often the case simply because your lover finds absolutely nothing exciting about hearing your voice, at least not anymore.

More Of A Friend Than A Lover

When the attraction is lost, the only thing that'll keep your lover is the fact that he or she still loves you. But at this point, your union will feel more of a friendship than an intimate relationship. Thankfully, this is something your gut will alert you about.

No More Romance

Love sans the spark almost always equates to a relationship with no romance. And this will be because your lover just doesn't see the reason for it like they did before. Chances are that you'll see less candlelit dinners and bubble baths as it was the norm earlier on.


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