Top reasons your phone screen is broke!

While folks these days can’t seem to live without their phones, a lot of people don’t treat a device that’s so important to us as well as we should. In fact, a lot of folks are pretty careless with their phones...which results in the dreaded cracked screen.

A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds almost half of adults have broken the screen on their smartphone, while 20% of people actually damage their phones within the first month of owning it. And such broken phones can be quite costly, with folks spending an average of $135 over the years to fix it.  And some don’t even go that far, with 40% of people saying their screen break was so bad they just replaced the phone. And then there are a third of people who just live with their cracked screen.

So, what are the most common causes of all this screen damage? Well, the top cause is simple general use, but other common causes include dropping it in a toilet, forgetting it was in the back pocket and sitting down, a child dropping it and throwing it because they were angry.

Top Ten Causes of Screen Damage

  1. Just general use
  2. On a night out
  3. Dropped it in the toilet
  4. Forgot it was in a back pocket and sat down
  5. Child dropped it
  6. Trying to type a message with one hand
  7. Tried to throw it onto a bed/sofa and it bounced off
  8. Fell out of a case when exercising
  9. Threw it when angry
  10. Tried to throw it to someone and missed

Source: SWNS Digital

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