In flight etiquette! You might need to look before you travel!

Don't be "that guy" on the flight!

Unless you're someone who can afford to travel on a private plane, you’re going to have to deal with other passengers when you fly. More often than not, those passengers can be quite annoying. A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds that 80% of travelers have gotten upset because of bad behavior or habits from other passengers on a flight, and there are definitely some offensives folks find worse than others.

One of he biggest etiquette rules travelers break is getting too drunk, with 38% of people saying they hate sitting next to a boozed up traveler. Another behavior that ticks people off is flatulence, with 25% of people saying their travel experience was unpleasant because of a farting flyer.

With these and other annoyances in mind, the report came up with a list of the Top Ten Etiquette Rules people should follow when flying. They include:

  • Don’t drink too much
  • Keep your seat upright or reclined to a reasonable degree
  • Ensure your children are well behaved and not making too much noise
  • Hold in your wind where possible
  • Sort out your overhead storage before you sit down so you don’t disturb people by getting up and down
  • Be respectful of others when it comes to the armrests
  • Don’t try and join the ‘Mile High Club’
  • Avoid eating smelly food
  • Eat your meals and snacks quietly with your mouth closed
  • Avoid moaning too much to others if there is a crying baby on the plane 

Surprisingly, with all these complaints and more, it seems most people don’t actually hate flying. In fact, 62% of people say they find it to be a “generally relaxing” experience.

Source: SWNS Digital

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