Ladies, would they rather spend time with the spouse of the BFF

Over half of women surveyed say they prefer the company of their best friend to their husband.

Is this shocking?

As much as we love our partners, there’s nothing like female friendships. We could probably get by without ever having another date, but we’d never survive without the support and encouragement we get from our besties. And now there’s a survey confirming just how precious our BFFs are to us, revealing more than half of women say they prefer the company of their best friend to their husband.

The survey, conducted by Champney Health Spa in the U.K., asked 1,517 married women about their friendships and relationships and it turns out, many women consider their female friends closer than family. Of those surveyed, 44% admit they confide in their bestie more than their hubby and many say their BFF is “less irritating” than their spouse. Another area female friends ranked higher than life partners? Giving advice.

The spa also says it’s “pretty telling” that women are more likely to bring their best friends to a day of indulging treatments at the spa, but that may have more to do with the husbands not being as interested in a clay mask or foot massage as their lady loves. Sure, some guys like to get pampered as much as their partners, but there are times when nothing beats spending time with your best friend.

Source: Whimn

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