According to PETA, if you're drinking white cow's milk you might be a white supremacist

Do you drink milk??

According to PETA, if you drink cow’s milk, you might be a white supremacist. In case you missed it, the animal rights group’s latest press release claims that cow’s milk “has long been a symbol of white supremacy.”

“PETA is trying to wake people up to the implications of choosing this white beverage and suggesting that they choose something else pronto,” reads the statement. “Aside from ‘lactose-tolerant’ white supremacists, cow’s milk really is the perfect drink of choice for all (even unwitting) supremacists, since the dairy industry inflicts extreme violence on other living beings.”

The organization goes on to say that the dairy industry has ”control over your mind” by making you think it’s “natural” to drink cow’s milk, which is really meant for newborn calves. Instead, they recommend soy or almond milk, which has fiber and complex carbohydrates rather than saturated animal fat and cholesterol. Whatever.

According to a new study, scientists should be keeping an eye out for purple life forms instead of just green

We have been looking for the wrong color all along!!

When you picture an alien, there’s a chance you imagine a grey guy with giant bug eyes, or maybe something along the lines of E.T. But new research suggests that they may have a different hue than you’re used to seeing in movies. In a new research paper, microbiologist Shiladitya DasSarma of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and researcher Edward Schwieterman of the University of California argue that it’s likely that Aliens are actually purple.

The basis of their argument is that before the time of green plants and photosynthesis, there were purple organisms finding their own way of doing the same thing. Modern purple organisms, called Halophiles, are reportedly linked to some of Earth’s earliest life… which could reflect the variety of life forms possibly among us on other planets.

If alien life capturing energy using ”retinal pigments” that reflect certain colors, then it’s not just chlorophyll’s green that scientists should be keeping an eye out for. Since there are already methods in place to detect green life from outer space, the researchers suggest that scientists start looking for a way to find purple, as well.

Source: Live Science

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