Compete to be a brides-maid!?

An anonymous Reddit user claims to be the sister of a bride-to-be that is making seven of her friends compete for the four spots in her bridal party. But not via some simple favors, this bridezilla’s demands require each person shell out a minimum of $1150 in gifts and other expenses.

According to screenshots of the texts from the bride-to-be, she outlines these requirements in order for the girls to be considered one of the bridesmaids:

  • Host a couples party at an actual venue (meaning not a house)
  • Give them a wedding gift of either cash or check that’s at least $500
  • Buy either her or her soon-to-be groom a “day of gift” with a value of at least $100
  • “Attend every shower/party” that the couple holds and hand over an additional gift worth at least $50 for each one
  • Sign a contract promising to meet all of the requirements, or else they have to reimburse the couple “for the time we wasted and the stress of causing problems”

Needless to say, Redditors thought the demands were ridiculous, many of them telling the sister to refuse to take part in the “Bridal Party Brawl.” Meanwhile, it turns out the so-called “bridezilla” isn’t really even a bride-to-be, since she hasn’t even gotten engaged yet. She’s just sniffing out bridal party members for her potential wedding.

Source: Reddit

His plan to escape student debt seems a bit extreme!


A 29-year-old American man decided to leave the United States behind and move to a remote jungle village in India so he wouldn’t have to constantly worry about paying back his student loan.

Like many other Americans, Chad Haag had to rely on a student loan to pay for his college education, but he struggled to find a college-level job after graduating, and going back school to pursue a master’s degree in comparative literature didn’t really help in that regard. His first job had him unloading trucks and constructing toy rockets on a factory assembly line, then he worked as an adjunct professor, but with only one class assigned per semester, he could barely make a living, let alone pay back his $20,000 student loan. At one point, struggling to pay the $300 monthly installments became too stressful, so he just packed his bags, said goodbye to his life in the US and moved to a small village in India.

The philosophy major told CNBC that before moving to a country on the other side of the globe, he considered living in a cave to escape his student loan. He knew someone who had done the same, but after thinking it over, he decided that emigrating to a far away country was better. He lives in a concrete house in the village of Uchakkada for only $50 a month, and recently married an Indian citizen, a professor at a local college. As for his soon-to-default student loan, he’s not worried about it anymore

While he acknowledges that his $20,000 student loan wasn’t that much of a burden as that shouldered by other borrowers, Haag said that the inability to find a job that would have allowed him to make the monthly $300 payments and still have enough to live on made it a lot more stressful to deal with than most people think.


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