Challenges of the Long Distance Relationship

The challenges of the LDR!

Falling in love with someone who doesn’t live anywhere near you is a risky proposition, and according to a new survey, the chances of it working out is really a crapshoot.

A new poll finds that long distance relationships really only have a 58% success rate, which isn’t great considering these days a lot of relationships begin that way thanks to online dating. The poll deems a long-distance relationship any one where partners live at least 132 miles away from each other.

The key to a successful long-distance relationship is apparently patience. While things are often good at the very beginning, those surveyed say the four-month point is usually when things get tough. But the data also finds that things do get a lot easier after about eight months.

As you can imagine, technology plays a huge role in long-distance coupledom. In fact, it turns out long-distance couples will send each other as many as 343 texts a week, and spend another eight hours a week either on the phone or video chatting with their S.O.

But relationships can’t be solely based on tech. Not surprising, 66% of people say lack of physical intimacy is the biggest challenge in a long-distance relationship, with 33% of people saying the thing they miss most is sex. Other challenges include:

  • Fear partner would meet someone else (55%)
  • Feeling lonely (50%)
  • Expensive to visit each other (45%)
  • Growing apart (43%)
  • Lack of communication (40%)
  • Time difference (33%)
  • Difference of opinion on mode of communication (call vs. text etc.) (24%)

Source: SWNS Digital 

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