Nothing says Merry Christmas like your face!

Have you ever wanted to wrap a gift to someone with your face? No? Too bad. This year, you can give the most personalized gift possible by wrapping your well-thought-out goodies in well-thought-out wrapping paper. GiftWrapMyFace is a company completely dedicated to putting your mug all over some festive wrapping paper.


Don’t worry about the budget, because it costs less than 20 bucks to create. All you have to do is log on to the website, choose the design that speaks to you, and upload the photo you want smattered all over the paper. It sounds crazy, but realistically, your friends and family will probably be just as pleased with the giftwrap as they will be with the gift.


It’s not quite so easy considering there are over 50 designs to choose from, but once you land on the perfect one, you’re bound to put a smile on some faces before they’ve even revealed the actual gift. If you’re strapped for something personal, give your pals the gift of your face all over a package!


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So this is a debate? 


Since the dawn of civilization, people have vehemently argued about food.

Is a hot dog a sandwich? What’s the correct way to make a PB&J? Should cheese go under or on top of a burger? Does pineapple have any place on a pizza? Do strawberries?

These are the debates that have plagued mankind for millennia. But on Thursday, Oscar Mayer set out to solve at least one of them.

The meat production company declared on Twitter that hot dogs are indeed sandwiches, though it put forth no evidence to support this claim — and is asking followers to call a hotline to try and make them change their mind about the “hot-dog-as-sandwich” debate.

“We know what’s true… But we’re gonna give you 24 hours to change our mind. Call to tell us why you think a hot dog IS NOT a sandwich,” the company tweeted.

Callers dialing into the hotline are asked to leave their thoughts on the debate via voicemail. But some Twitter users are already chiming in, with some offering their own opinions and rules on what the word “sandwich” connotes.

Oscar Mayer has not confirmed whether they will be making another final decision at the end of the 24-hour call-in period. A spokesperson was not immediately available to clarify.

The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, meanwhile, maintains that hot dogs are not, in fact, sandwiches, according to its website.

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