Ways Social Media affects your health!

Ways Social Media might be affecting your health

If there’s two things we really love, it’s social media and self-care. Unfortunately, we can’t always have both at the same time. Social media is often the last thing we need when we’re really struggling to get our brain juices flowing properly. The average person checks their phone about 28 times a day – that’s 28 times we could be deep breathing instead!


Here are some of the things social media will take a toll on:


  • Your self-esteem – Having insecurities is normal, but constantly comparing yourself to your friends’ fire selfies doesn’t have to be.
  • Human connection – We all crave actual humans to a certain degree, and social media kind of removes that ability to connect with people personally.
  • Your memory – If you post an event a certain way, it will affect how you remember it…for better or for worse.
  • Your sleep – If you’re doing your nightly scroll before turning over and closing your eyes, you’re probably in for a rough time getting to sleep.
  • Your attention span – When you’re constantly taking in new information, your brain has trouble focusing on just one thing at a time.


All of these things added together can be a dangerous recipe for some serious anxiety and depression. A lot of good can come from a brief social media hiatus!


Source: Independent

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