What is cheating? It varies from man to woman!

What do you think defines cheating?

There’s definitely a spectrum where cheating gets worse and worse. Is just a kiss better than straight up having sex with someone else while you’re in a relationship? Probably. But is it still cheating? YES. So what’s up with all these men thinking a kiss is “just a kiss” and doesn’t count as being unfaithful!?


According to new research, about half of the men surveyed agree that a kiss is cheating compared to 73% of women. What’s worse? The same number of men think that cyber sex also doesn’t count as cheating – while 75% of women disagree. There’s some hope, though – 91% of all people think that sleeping with someone while you’re with someone else is definitely cheating (though we’re still wondering about that other 8%).


Let’s get to the bottom of this, though. Just kissing someone while you’re with someone else IS being unfaithful – as much as half the men in our lives seem to wish it wasn’t. We’ve all got different ideas of what intimacy means, but if you’re snuggling up next to anyone or even just sending flirty texts while you’re in a committed relationship, you’re really in the red zone!


Source: Independent

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