Dating terms that need to be out in 2019!

Dating Trends that need go bye bye before 2019

We’ve created terms for all of the worst dating trends that are out there in 2018. Seriously, we even have a word for what it means to be grateful for someone after a breakup! What’s next? A word for when our partners do every little thing for us? Here are the dating trends that definitely need to go in 2019:


  • Instagrandstanding – Don’t curate your Instagram based off of someone else. Just be yourself!
  • Curving – It’s when someone almost ghosts you, but keeps you hangin’ on.
  • Breadcrumbing – No more stringing people along!!
  • Scrooging – If you’re going to break up with someone JUST so you don’t have to buy them a gift, you’re going to have a hard time out there!
  • Banksying – Planning your breakup waaay before it happens is no way to go about things.
  • Cohabidating – Don’t live with your partner for financial reasons. You have to do these things when you’re ready!
  • Orbiting – Someone ghosts you, and then likes your Instagrams. What gives??
  • Vulturing – Seeking out people who are newly single to pick up the pieces.


There are a lot of dating trends out there that simply have to go. Luckily, we can pretty much all agree that Grande-ing is here to stay. There’s nothing like taking a little lesson and gratitude from all of your failed relationships! Time to move onto the next!


Source: Insider

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