So your man checks out another gal, here's what to do!

So you catch him checking out another what?

How do you handle it when you’re out with your partner and you notice them checking out an attractive person? There’s no right or wrong way to deal with this situation and everyone is entitled to their own feelings. Some people are insanely jealous of a look their partner gives a hottie in passing, others aren’t bothered at all. And when someone

on Reddit recently asked how other women respond to their S.O. checking out other girls in public, here’s what they had to say.

  • Trust your partner - One user says she doesn’t care if he notices someone because he’s loyal and “attractive people exist and there’s no shame in noticing them.”
  • Try complimenting the other person - When one woman feels insecure seeing another woman with beautiful hair or some other attractive feature, she’ll compliment that thing to “take power out of” her insecurity.
  • Take the way he’s doing it into account - One Redditor points out that it’s all in the way it’s done. When her ex used to see a pretty girl go by, he’d sit back in his chair, cross his arms, and stare at her as she passed and that was embarrassing for her and not cool of her ex.
  • Don’t make it a huge deal - For one couple, when he noticed that she noticed him see an attractive girl, he apologized to her. But then she eased the tension by joking, “it was just a look, do I have to apologize for checking guys out too now?”
  • The way it happens is really important - One user explains that if her man is just observing someone’s hair or how tall she is, it’s not a big deal. But she says she wouldn’t want him staring at someone’s boobs and if he does, she prefers he keep his thoughts private.
  • Do it with your partner - At least one Redditor admits she checks out women with her S.O. She even tells him when she sees a girl with a nice butt and they do the same with guys, she says it helps him know it’s a momentary thought and it’s gone as soon as they pass by the person.
  • Remember that it’s only natural - And probably our favorite response comes from the user who’s realistic about her partner checking out someone else. “I don’t expect him to stop noticing attractive people because we’re together,” she explains. “He’s married, not dead.”

Source: Elite Daily

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