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What is the average age of marriage in ARKANSAS?


Alabama: 27.1 Alabamans seem to be itching to tie the knot a bit earlier than the national average, with 26.3 as the standard marriage age for Alabaman ladies and 27.9 for the state’s gents.

Alaska: 27.5 While Alaskan women are a little ahead of the national trend, marrying at a median age of 26, the men of the Last Frontier are hovering right around the national average, clocking in at an average of 29 years old for their first marriage.

Arizona: 28.4 Despite the region’s propensity for heat waves, Arizonans seem to be keeping their cool and reflecting the average trend, with women getting hitched at 27.4 years old and men at 29.4.

Arkansas: 26.3 Maybe the residents of the Natural State can just feel it in their bones when it’s meant to be. Both women and men in Arkansas tend to marry a couple years earlier than the national average—at 25.4 and 27.2 years old, respectively.

California: 29.3 The Golden State’s men and women are a little older than average—28.3 for women and 30.3 for men—when they decide to roll the credits on their single lives.

Colorado: 27.9 With women walking down the aisle at an average of 26.9 years old and men marrying at 28.9.

Connecticut: 29.9 Connecticut’s citizens tend to wait a little longer than average before taking the plunge—women marry at an average of 29.1 and men at 30.7.

Delaware: 29.3 Delaware is another state where the residents seem to try not to commit too quickly. Women wed at an average age of 28.4, while men typically say their vows at 30.2 years old.

Florida: 29.3 The residents of the Sunshine State seem to want to soak up their sunny single days for as long as they can. Floridian women marry at a median age of 28.3, and men at a median age of 30.3.

Georgia: 28.1 Everything’s just peachy in Georgia, including their median marriage age, which is right on par with the national trends. Women tend to tie the knot at 27.2 years old, while men marry at 29 years old.

Hawaii: 28.1 While the average age at first marriage for the women of the Island State is almost spot on the national average at 27.5 years old, the men say “aloha” to the prospect of marrying at an age slightly earlier than average—28.6 years old, to be precise.

Idaho: 25.8 While 24.9 for women and 26.7 for men might seem like fairly early ages for tying the knot, at least compared to the median ages of the other states, there’s one other locale that exhibits slightly younger trends than our friends hailing from the Gem State.

Illinois: 29.2 Women tend to settle down at an average age of 28.4 and men at an age of 30 in the Prairie State, proving that this midwestern state is nothing but practical.

Indiana: 27.5 Couples in Indiana aren’t quite as fast to get to the finish line as their state’s famous race-car drivers, with women getting hitched at age 26.6, and men at 28.4.

Iowa: 27.2 Residents of the Hawkeye State say “I do” a little earlier than the national trends, with the ladies marrying around 26.2 and the men around 28.1

.Kansas: 26.7 People often walk down the aisle a bit earlier than most in the Wheat State—at age 25.9 for women and 27.5 for men, to be exact.

Kentucky: 26.9 Maybe it’s the high-quality bourbon or the leftover excitement from the Kentucky Derby that gets into people’s systems—whatever the case, locals from the Bluegrass State don’t waste any time with getting hitched. Kentuckian women say “I do” at age 25.9, while men marry at age 27.8, on average.

Louisiana: 28.4 Cajuns hailing from the land of crawfish and gumbo commit to their partners almost precisely in line with the national average, with women marrying around age 27.5 and men around 29.3.

Maine: 28.3 The maritime men and women of Vacationland aren’t too out of the ordinary with the timing of their wedding vows—women marry around 27.1 and men around 29.4.

Maryland: 29.4 In a trend that seems to be reflected across the majority of the Northeast states, Maryland’s locals prefer to marry later in life—women tie the knot around the age of 28.6, and men around the age of 30.2.

Massachusetts: 30.2 Like the nearby state of Maryland, the Bay State’s locals prefer to wait a little longer before taking the plunge—with 29.6 as the average marriage age for women, and 30.8 as the average marriage age for men.

Michigan: 28.8 Both Michigan women and men marry at ages almost exactly on par with the national average—27.7 for women and 29.8 for men, to be exact—even with the number of romantically scenic views available along the shores of the state’s Great Lakes.

Minnesota: 28.2 Despite the state’s harsh winters and abundance of great romantic restaurants, residents of the Land of 10,000 Lakes still settle down and get married right around the national averages—with women marrying at 27.2 and men marrying at 29.2.

Mississippi: 27.5 The claim that everything moves a bit slower in the South (slow as molasses, one could say) certainly doesn’t apply to how long the locals wait before getting hitched. Mississippi women marry at the age of 26.6, and men at the age of 28.4, on average.

Missouri: 27.5 With trends akin to Mississippi—women marrying at an average age of 26.8 and men at 28.2—it’s clear that Missourians don’t waste too much time before tying the knot.

Montana: 27.5 Maybe it’s the mountain air that makes residents of the Big Sky Country feel like anything could be possible, but Montanan women tend to get hitched at 26.4, and the men at 28.6—putting them above the national average.

Nebraska: 27.1 Love tends to sprout a little earlier in the Cornhusker State, with women marrying at age 26.2 and men at age 28.

Nevada: 28.2 Nevadans know when they hit the jackpot and gamble on marriage right in line with the national average—women tend to marry at 27.2, while men marry at 29.2.

New Hampshire: 29 While New Hampshire’s women tend to say their vows at 27.9 years old, right around the national average, the men take a little bit longer to settle down, marrying at the average age of 30.1. 

New Jersey: 29.8 Couples from the Garden State take time to let their love blossom before saying “I do,” with women marrying at age 29, and men at 30.6.

New Mexico: 27.8 The Land of Enchantment must not be quite as bewitching as its nickname chalks it up to be—women still marry at close to the national average (around age 27.2), while men marry a little earlier than the national average (at age 28.4).

New York: 30.2 Even the bright lights and flashiness of the Big Apple aren’t enough to win today’s millennials over too easily. New York women walk the aisle around age 29.5, while the state’s men tend to marry around age 30.8.

North Carolina: 28 With its picturesque white sand beaches, North Carolina residents find themselves in the perfect setting for falling in love—their average ages for marriage are just above the national trends, with women walking the aisle around age 27.1 and men marrying around 28.8.

North Dakota: 26.8 With women marrying around age 25.9 and men around 27.6, North Dakota’s trends rank among the earliest ages of all the states.

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