Ways to cope with the 'break-up"!

So, you broke up...now what?!

Being in the midst of a breakup can really do your heart in for a while. You’re not eating as well, sleeping as well, or thinking as well as you used to. And we all know the only way out of these messes is to just get through it. Here are some pieces of breakup advice that you can use now or pocket for later:


  • It’s okay to hurt more – People process emotions differently, and hurting “more” doesn’t mean you lost.
  • Binge-drinking, -shopping, or -eating won’t help – Sure, it’ll give you temporary satisfaction. But it’s not a cure all!
  • Revisit an old hobby – Do something to keep your mind busy for most of the day.
  • Lean on your support system – That’s what they’re there for! And if you can’t find someone, get a therapist.
  • Stop following your ex on social media – Even if it’s only temporary, you want to get them out of your sight as much as possible.
  • Don’t romanticize the relationship – There were things about it that were really bad. That’s why it ended!
  • Take responsibility for your part – It won’t get you anywhere to blame the other person for absolutely everything.
  • Give yourself time and space – Don’t try to have the closure talk too soon. You need time to process these things.


And remember, all of these things depend on how deep into the relationship you were when things ended. If you just ended things with the person you thought was The One, you might need a little more time than average to process everything. Take everything one day, one meal, one drink at a time!


Source: Huffington Post

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