The BEST money saving tip for 2019!

This is THE BEST tip to save cash this year!

If you’re looking to save some cash, the answer might be to save actual, physical cash. It sounds backwards, but money expert Sue Hayward has the answers to why this might actually work for you. Think about how many times a day you swipe your plastic cards? Probably a lot, right? Imagine if you told yourself you couldn’t swipe at all.


For starters, you’re probably more likely to swipe like crazy when the purchase is five dollars or less. I’ve bought so many cups of coffee I didn’t need just because it sounded cheap when I was doing it. But it’s not so cheap anymore by the 20th cup. These small purchases really add up, and if you limit yourself to just the cash in your wallet, you’ll probably be a little more frugal.


Using cash is a little inconvenient. All the more reason to force yourself to do it. The more convenient a purchase is, the more likely you’re going to make it. Take out a set amount of cash every month, and don’t let yourself spend more than that. Keep those dolla dolla billz, guys!


Source: Bustle

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