Eateries across the country are picking up the tab for government employees who aren’t getting paid during the shutdown.

With the partial government shutdown in its third week, federal employees from airport security agents to forest service agents aren’t getting paid and there’s no end in sight yet. So restaurants across the U.S. are offering free meals to those furloughed federal workers who may be struggling without their paychecks.

Richard Skorman and his wife Patricia Seator run Poor Richard’s restaurant in Colorado Springs and they recently offered free food to government employees affected by the shutdown. And this isn’t the first time they’ve made the generous offer, it’s a tradition they continue during each government shutdown. Richard says some other customers have even stepped up to help by paying extra, paying it forward for those in need.

They aren't acting alone. In fact, dozens of restaurants across the country are also feeding federal workers who aren’t getting paid at no charge.

  • Java Joe’s Cafe in Saint Ignace, Michigan says they’ll be serving free breakfast to members of the Coast Guard who are also going unpaid.
  • Smoking This and That BBQ in Florence, Kentucky is in on the offersas well, along with Pizzology Craft Pizza in Carmel, Indiana, where owner Neal Brown says they’ll be feeding any affected federal employees “until they get paid again.” Brown says he was inspired to offer free meals to government employees who aren’t getting paid by one of his role models, Chef José Andrés.
  • Last month, Andrés offered free sandwiches at any of his D.C. restaurants for all federal employees, until they get paid. And at this point, who knows how long that will be.

Source: CNN

Wonder drug??

As flu season kicks into high gear, most of us are bound to come down with a cough at some point. But when you do, before you reach for cough syrup to relieve your symptoms, there’s a tasty treatment that actually works better and doesn’t give you any of the fuzzy-headed side-effects medications can cause - and it’s chocolate.

According to Dr. Alyn Morice, a professor and respected authority on all things cough and respiratory medicine related, chocolate can soothe coughs better than codeine syrup because it forms a sticky coating in the throat. The melted chocolate coating protects nerve endings in the throat that cause you to cough, allowing the naturally present cough-suppressing ingredients to calm your damaged throat nerves down.

And while it might seem like drinking a cup of hot chocolate would be the ideal cough soother, unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well. The warm, sweet beverage may feel cozy and comforting going down, but Dr. Morice says the liquid doesn’t have enough long-term clinging contact with the nerves to be effective. She advises sucking on a piece of chocolate and letting it melt slowly to coat your throat. And this is one home remedy we’re happy to try.

Source: Shape

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