can be a very powerful and freeing word!

This small word can be a very powerful word!!

Every once in a while, you get a text from a friend nearly begging you to hang out, and even though you’re really not up for it, you find it hard to say “no.” Why risk letting your friend down when you could just suck it up, right? Wrong! Saying “no” to plans is totally allowed. Here are some pointers on how to get the ball rolling on rejection:


  • Be honest – Don’t make up reasons why you can’t hang out. Just be honest and say you’re in for the night.
  • Be polite – Let ‘em down easy, and maybe even suggest another time when you guys can meet up instead.
  • Consider the reason – Think about why you feel so bad about saying “no.” Would your friend really care?
  • Allow yourself to be human – We all have different needs at different times. If you don’t want to leave your couch tonight, you don’t have to.
  • No means no – Don’t let them try to coerce you into going anyway. If you don’t want to go, your friends should respect that!


Saying “no” is hard because we’re always afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. But why does everyone have to take it personally when you don’t want to do things?? Haven’t they ever wanted to stay home for the night before??


Source: Bustle

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