Poker winner donates his earnings!

So what would you do if you just finished in third place at a poker tournament and were handed a check for $670K? Well, if your name is Scott Wellenbach, you give every penny to charity. 

That's exactly what happened recently after Scott finished in the top three of a main event poker tournament last week.  He entered the poker tournament, which is held annually at Atlantis casino in the Bahamas, through a $10K buy-in. The 67-year-old claims to be a translator of Tibetan Buddhist texts who lives in Halifax, Canada.  He says he's been fascinated with poker since he was a child and that the interest followed him through school, adulthood, and even through his conversion to Buddhism. He says that his Buddhist practice improves his poker game.

It must really help because he's won other tournaments in the past as well. In 2017, Wellenbach won $92K in a tournament in Barcelona and pledged most of the money to a Buddhist nunnery in Nepal. His latest winnings will benefit various Buddhist causes as well as Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders. Wellenbach hasn’t kept a tally of his collective winnings over the years, but he estimates that it is now more than $1,000,000. 

Source: New York Post


It’s completely understandable when a bride and groom decide they don’t want kids at their wedding. Sure, it’s bound to ruffle some feathers, but it is their right. But if you’re going to ban kids from your affair, the least you could do is give guests a heads up, which is not what happened in the case of one bridezilla who's sister just took to the Internet to share all the drama.

Here’s what happened:

  • A woman recently too to Facebook to share that her “bridezilla” sister decided to enforce a “no kids” rule at her destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. The problem is the bride decided to reveal this rule, through her wedding planner, 20 minutes before the ceremony.
  • The whole thing was a shock to the sister, especially since the bride personally sent her daughter an invite and RSVP to the wedding.
  • While the bride did provide an off-site babysitter, the sister, and her other siblings, with kids were understandably upset since they flew the kids all that way to see their aunt get married. Plus, they felt uncomfortable leaving their kids with a stranger.
  • When the sister finally got to speak to the bride, she was insistent on the no kids rule, adding that “plenty of people have child-free weddings,” yet ignoring the fact that she made the decision last minute.
  • The sister was “beyond livid” and decided not to go the wedding, and instead “volunteered” to miss the ceremony to watch after all the kids.
  • The bride didn’t take that very well, and since the wedding the two haven’t spoken. The bride removed her from her social media, and won’t take her calls.

As you can imagine, the Internet was firmly behind the rejected sister, calling the bride’s move “utterly stupid.” “What the hell? I’d be sending her an invoice for the cost of your daughter’s trip,” one person noted, while another added, “I wish your sister nothing but the absolute worst. I hope her marriage ends in divorce and I pity her poor husband for marrying such a piece of work.”

Source: Café Mom

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