Twice a month for the last 60 years, a nun from Cincinnati has been visiting a blood center to donate blood and platelets. And last week, she reached an amazing milestone -- donating her 80th gallon.

Sister Damien Hinderer was first inspired to make a donation back in 1960 to help a sister who had a bleeding ulcer. And since then, she’s been on a mission, getting to blood centers regularly and offering up her left arm to help more than 70 people who need transfusions each year.

She admits that it is a big-time commitment – three hours each time she visits. But, she’s driven by the thought that each pint she gives helps those who really need it, both adults and little children. 


A new device to protect you from car thieves!

Not sure I would ever go to this length to ensure my car doesn't get stolen but a British man has found a new anti-theft device that seems to work. He simply uses his dirty underwear.

A British author has stumbled onto a new business after he successfully sold his underwear on eBay as a car security system for $12. The ad shows a dirty pair of red briefs wrapped around a steering wheel and pitches it as “THE BEST STEERING LOCK EVER - GUARANTEED TO PUT ANY CAR THIEF OFF NICKING YOUR CAR!”

What may have started as a joke, ended up with cold hard cash in his pocket. The man said that he got the idea when he came home from the gym one day and saw a pile of dirty underwear in the laundry. So he spread some Marmite onto a pair for effect and wrapped them around the wheel of his BMW. 

Source: Fox News

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