A Private Investigator's Top Signs of CHEATING

Private investigator Justin Hodson, founder of Hodson and Associates, says there are 15 unmistakable signs of infidelity. Many people have suspicions of infidelity, but if they're aware of the actual signs that have been proven and researched, it can help them obtain peace of mind and possibly even get out of a bad situation.

Your spouse is cheating on you if...

  1. You just feel something is going on. Trust your intuition.
  2. There are noticeable changes in your sex life.
  3. You catch him lying at times.
  4. She has become distant at times.
  5. There are periods of time when you cannot reach him by phone.
  6. She has become increasingly critical of you.
  7. He/she deletes all caller-ID information and history from his phone.
  8. She has changed the way she looks or dresses.
  9. He is away more often, claiming he needs more "alone time."
  10. More frequently than before, she needs to work late at night or on weekends.
  11. He spends countless hours, usually late at night, on the computer.
  12. She keeps perfume and a change of clothes in her car.
  13. He hides his cell phone bill or home phone bill so you won't see it.

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