The "Password Guy" is kind of a big deal!

How many times have you forgotten the password to your accounts? Have you ever written any of the passwords down so you won't forget? That probably would have helped this company.

There's a crypto company called QuadrigaCX from British Columbia, Canada and they manage about $137 million worth of their customers' digital cryptocurrency assets. Think of them as a stock market exchange. People invest their real money to buy, sell and trade currencies like Bitcoin. 

The problem is the founder of the company just died, which is sad, but it's even worse news for all of their investors because he was the only person in the world who knew the password to the hard drive that stored the money. So now nobody can access their money.

The guy's widow just filed for bankruptcy protection for the company until they can try to figure out some other way to decrypt everything and get the money back. However, clients seem to think this is one giant scam and the money is long gone. 

Source:  Fox News

Bad mood detector!!

Technology is a wonderful thing. Especially if it can help you avoid getting yelled at by your significant other in the future. 

Researchers at Texas A&M are now working on a new A.I. program that will monitor the voice of someone and will be able to tell if that person is in a crappy mood and ready to fight. It works by listening to the pitch and tone of your voice, and how your vocal patterns change throughout the day.  

So far, they've tested it on 34 different couples, and it can detect signs of conflict with 79% accuracy which is a heck of a lot more than most guys can do. It's not clear how soon they might work their way into Google Home or Alexa, or how much it'll cost. But seeing how fast technology is growing, it probably won't be too long before you can avoid your significant other when they're in a bad mood.

Source:  Mirror

Shortest Marriage Ever?

A newlywed couple in Kuwait recently made history for having the shortest marriage in the country's existence. They called it quits literally three minutes after getting hitched. Apparently the couple had just signed their marriage contract in front of a judge and was walking out of the courthouse when the bride accidentally tripped. Instead of helping her up, the groom reportedly just stood there and called her "stupid" for slipping. That was apparently too much for the woman who turned around and asked the judge to dissolve their marriage on the spot. The news quickly went viral on Twitter, with most commenters joking and ridiculing the couple for wasting the judge's time. Some, however, took the bride's side, saying that she made the right call. If the groom insulted her so early into their marriage, who knows what he would have done later on, one person wrote. "A marriage with no respect, is a failed one right from the beginning," another one added.

(Q8 News)

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