How to NEVER be late again!

If you’re the one-person that can NEVER show up on time for outings,it’s time to get your stuff together.Instead of proving your “on time” friends right all the time, give them the surprise of their life when you actually show up when you’re supposed to.

Here’s what you’ve gotta do:

  • Remind yourself why you want to be more punctual.- You know you won’t get that job if you’re five-minutes late, so that’s more than enough reason to get your butt to the interview on time.
  • Know yourself.- If you know you’re going to be late, trick yourself by setting your clock a good 30-minutes early. You’ll be early for now on.
  • It’s always better to overestimate.- Just always assume that you’re gonna need more than the typical 20-minutes to get to where you’re going. Give yourself 40-minutes instead.
  • Plan the night before.- Write out everything if you need to. When you do this, you’ll send yourself a reminder that you need to be there on time.
  • Use reminders and notifications.- You’re always on your smartphone, so set the reminder there. You know you’ll see it!
  • Under-schedule yourself.- If you’ve currently got back-to-back meetings, give yourself more of a buffer in between. What if the first meeting goes over by 10-minutes, you can make sure the other meeting isn’t affected.
  • Stop trying to squeeze in “just one more thing.”- This is a disaster waiting to happen. One-more thing will lead to a few more things,and you’re late again.


Jake and Woody

Jake and Woody

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