Eating alone: It can be a good thing!

While sharing a meal with family and friends can be fun, it turns out more and more people are eating alone these days, and most of them are perfectly happy about it. 

A new survey finds that Americans eat 387 meals by themselves each year, or about 7-point-4 meals each week. As for why folks are eating so many means alone, the top reasons include: 

  • I can relax more (50%)
  • I'm busy/rushed (44%)
  • Want to save money (38%)
  • My friends are all busy (37%)
  • Allows me to catch up on my TV shows (31%) 

And while eating alone may sound sad and lonely to some, 68% of people say they actually look forward to eating alone. Plus, our devices are making solo eating feel less lonely. In fact… 

  • The average American will “eat and scroll” through their phone for six meals each week.
  • Each week the average American actually eats alone or with their phone more than they eat with other people.
  • 66% say scrolling through their phone makes them feel like they aren’t eating alone.

Source:SWNS Digital

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