Ways to build a better relationship while in isolation.

Thanks to the coronavirus, many couples are spending all of their time with each other right now, for better or worse. And all that togetherness can be challenging for a relationship. So how do we deal with the constant company during our time at home? This advice from relationship expertMary Jo Rapinican help us not just get by, but even improve our connections during this time.

  • Show up in little ways- Small things still make a big difference. So if your partner’s stressed, go for a walk and grab them a coffee or their favorite treat and you can show you care while supporting a local business.
  • Prioritize your own self-care- Take time to get outside for a change of scenery and some much-needed vitamin D, read a book you haven’t had time to finish, and keep doing the things you can that make you happy.
  • Change your expectations- Living with someone is one thing, but spending all day and all night with them while working from home in this time of uncertainty can be a lot to handle. So it’s important to be patient and kind with each other and remember, it might not always be easy, but things will get back to normal eventually.
  • Openly communicate- Avoid unnecessary conflict or saying something you may regret later by talking to your partner and explaining your needs. Treat each other with love and respect, especially when emotions are running high.
  • Show your appreciation- It’s easy to take our partners for granted, so this is a great time to show them your gratitude. Not sure where to start? Rapini recommends saying something you really appreciate about each other every day.

Source:Mind Body Green

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