Ladies share the very minute they turned into "their Mom"

No matter how much you love your mom, not many women want to turn into them, but it’s often inevitable. Well, Buzzfeed asked their community to reveal the exact moment they realized they turned into their mom, and plenty of gals didn’t hold back.

They include:

  • "I realized I was turning into my mom when I caught myself rinsing out plastic sandwich bags so I could use them again."
  • "When my friend complimented my shirt, so I made her feel how soft it was, then proudly exclaimed, 'It's from Costco!'"
  • "When I said, 'Close that door, you're letting all the cold air out!' to my brother, my friends, my classmates, and even one of my teachers."
  • “When I became the one in my group of friends who always makes sure everyone goes to the bathroom before we go out."
  • "I realized it when last night at work, I admonished my 18-year-old barback for swearing, yelling, 'Language!'"
  • "When I spit on a napkin and wiped my kid's face."
  • "I knew I was becoming my mom when I lectured my own friends on their way to a party about staying together, not accepting drinks from strangers, and not getting in trouble with the cops."
  • "When my kids were jumping around and I said, 'You guys are not going to be satisfied until one of you pokes an eye out!'"
  • "My mom had to have vacuum lines in the carpet before guests could come over, and now I never have company without those damn lines."
  • "I realized I was turning into my mother when my 6-year-old daughter was begging to have a slumber party and I told her 'no.' When she asked why not, I couldn't think of a good enough reason, so I replied, 'Because I said so.'"