And just like's Holiday shopping time!

While most people probably aren’t ready to think about the holidays just yet apparently a lot of folks are ready, and many have even begun their holiday shopping already.

A new survey finds:

  • 28% of consumers plan to start their holiday shopping earlier this year.
  • As for why
    • 46% are worried COVID will get in the way of their ability to shop.
    • 41% want to avoid crowds.
    • 40% are trying to budget holiday shopping.
  • Not surprising, 49% of consumers plan to do more shopping online this year.
  • Most expect to do about 60% of their holiday shopping online.

But it sounds like a lot of folks won’t be putting too much thought into what they buy this year.

  • 52% of shoppers they are likely to buy more gift cards this year than in the past.
  • On average they plan to buy 10 gift cards, twice what they purchased last year, with 40% of their holiday budget going to gift cards.
  • Luckily, a lot of folks enjoy getting gift cards, especially employees.
  • 82% of employees say they would like to get a gift card for a holiday gift.
  • As for why
    • 76% say it allows them to choose what they want.
    • 46% like that they can be delivered digitally.
    • 29% say it’s because they can re-gift them.

Source:Yahoo Finance