Mom Skips Easter After Being Fed Up With Kid-Centric Celebrations

It’s no secret that once you have kids your life pretty much revolves around them. But it is important for parents that their life isn’t only about their children, and that’s causing some family drama for one woman. 

A 26-year-old mom of two recently took to Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” form to see if she was wrong for wanting to spend some time with her sisters that wasn’t all about their children. She explains that she has five sisters, and all but one, have children, with the childless one, Serena, being a traveler who has no interest in kids. 

While the OP, who tragically lost her husband recently (he was murdered), insists she loves her family, she’s grown tired of their get-togethers, which seem to always revolve around the children. She says she can’t even get her other sisters to sit down and catch up where it doesn’t have something to do with the kids. After one sister, Julie, brought her daughter to what was supposed to be an adult-only outing, the OP expressed her frustration to Julie, and she “acted like I was being super out of line,” with Julie turning it into worry about whether the OP was okay or depressed. 

Well, the whole thing came to a head at Easter, when the family decided to plan a get-together, and during a call the OP asked if they could have some adult time together when the kids were off playing, and her mom and sisters thought she was being “ridiculous,” insisting her request was “not normal.” The OP then said if they weren’t going to do at least something that wasn’t kid-centric she wasn’t coming, and she indeed decided to send the kids to the party, while she and Serena stayed at her place and had a “great time.”

  • The OP says her family came down hard on her for skipping Easter, and instisted she needed to accept “it’ll never be just sisters again.” She asked Reddit if what she did was wrong, and everyone agrees she isn’t.
    • "NTA," one person replied. "Being a parent is important, but so is nourishing all the parts of you that exist outside being a parent."
    • "Any parent who's honest will tell you that they'd love (and in fact, need) adult only time, occasionally,” another added.

Source: Café Mom