Mom Bans In-Laws After They Got Daughter’s Ears Pierced Behind Her Back

Another woman is dealing with overbearing in-laws, which has forced her to take an extreme stance and she’s wondering if she went too far.

The mom-of-three, who is expecting another baby, shares on Reddit, that she’s always had issues with her in-laws but tried to get over them for the sake of her husband, but their latest move has left her furious.

After two boys, the mom finally had a girl about a year-and-a-half ago, and since then the in-laws have been pressuring her to get the baby’s ears pierced, in order to to "take the chance while she's young and won't remember the pain.” She’s refused and she thought the issue was finally put to rest, but she was wrong.

The mom recently had the in-laws over to watch the kids while she and her husband went shopping, and when she got home she discovered that the in-laws went and got the baby girl’s ears pierced behind her back.

Well, as you can imagine the OP was furious, especially since the in-laws knew they didn’t want it done. The mom yelled at the in-laws and drove home to cool off. The next day she apologized for yelling but told them their behavior was “unacceptable,” but they called her “hormonal” and “irrational.” That’s when the OP told them they would never be allowed near the kids without her or her husband present.

  • The OP then opened the floor to Reddit users asking if what she did was irrational, and pretty much everyone was on her side.
    • “Don't back down on this one,” one person shared. “It's not something that can or should be taken lightly."
    • “I would have been irate!,” another added, “Honestly, where do they get off doing something like that?! Especially since they knew you were against it! You did the right thing."

Source: The Mirror