Thomas Rhett’s Daughters’ Musical Taste Is Influencing His Music

Thomas Rhett admits that his current music playlist is totally dominated by his three daughters. When asked on the CMT Music Awards red carpet about the most popular song played in his house right now he admits it’s “You’re Welcome,” from Disney’s “Moana.” 

But while the song choice may not be all that adult, Thomas insists it has influenced his own music a bit.

“It makes me a creative writer,” he explains. “If I only listened to what was happening on country radio right now, I might just keep writing the same thing,” adding, “But when I hear the 'Frozen' or 'Coco' soundtracks, I get weird inspiration from them.” 

Finally, he notes, “In general, watching my kids be hilarious and cute and living life while hearing those songs has given me so many ideas.”

Source: CMT